Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Babies, Babies and More Babies!

There are officially four babies that will be born next year that I know of. My cousin's wife, my sister and two friends that are expecting. I guess that I'll make all of them like a baby hat and a sweater. I might make something different for all of them but so far those are easy(not the sweater) Another idea is making baby washcloths. I guess i have to start looking for some good patterns for the sweaters, even though I have one from LionBrand (I might get bored with it).

I've been knitting but it hasn't been anything serious. I've finished a blue scarf that knit up really well and a few washcloths that turned out wonky, except for the one that I used a pattern for. I just started on another one with the other really nice yarn that I found at the thrift shop. Speaking of yarn, i found more yarn at the thrift shop yesterday and I think I'll be making some kind of afghan for the family with that yarn and use up all of this acrylic that I have. It's going to be my crazy, amazing techno colored afghan...lol. I also added a playlist to the blog. I saw it on a blog that I follow and thought it was was way cool so I needed to get one. So far I really don't have anything else to share and no new exciting news except that I'm back to the cross-stitch and learning to sew(even though the sewing machine is giving me issues).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So much stuff..so little time.

Well, today is my son's 12th birthday. I'm getting old...I think. I had him at a young age, 16 going on 17. On the knitting note.... I started knitting a mug cozy for one of my many mug cozies that I will be giving away for Christmas. I've decided that most of my Christmas gifts this year will be handmade, or knitted. I've also been doing a little cross-stitch(even though it's been rare.) I've also decided that I'd like to learn to sew. I found a hand sewing machine at the thrift shop on Monday. Yeah for half off Monday. The original price was $3.99 but I got it 50% off so that's like $ 2. Can you believe that? That's awesome right. Eventually the blog will be dedicated to my crafts etc but right now it's my love for the lovely art of knitting. I'm also going to be knitting up a few dishcloths and washcloths for gifts. I have a ton of running around to do today, the post office, pick up prescriptions, pay bills buy cake and other stuff for house plus I have to go visit a friend in the hospital. Darn, so much stuff to do today and no time. I will post pics today or tomorrow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My scarf

I found this yarn at a local thrift store and I'm in love with it. It has at least 5 different yarns in it, all different colors and weights. There's mostly fingering weight and sport weight-I think. I'm using size 8 needles and so far it's knitting up really well. I frogged it once because I started some ugly k2p2 ribbing and it wasn't very nice. So, I just frogged it today again and so far this is where I'm at.
I love all the colors and the textures. It's pretty much soft and I'm pretty sure all or most of the yarn is wool. I'm going to knit this scarf up for myself then I'll make a scarf for either my sister or Mom. I'm also going to use some of the other yarn I have (cotton) to make dishcloths that I'll be giving out for Christmas and since no one reads my blogs I can say this....heeeheee.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First time for everything right?

Well, it finally happened folks....I decided to knit the socks out of the book. To my utter and absolute surprise it was easy! They are just really long in the book and the yarn that I used is way too nice (in my opinion) for it. It was made using size 6 needles and they were basic stripe pattern using three different colors. Since I had this wonderful yarn from KnitPicks, that I had yet to use I used it. I call the yarn cherry jubilee ice cream. It really looks like it or Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry's. I know my ice cream folks-especially the good stuff! I've only knitted one sock so far and I have plans on starting the other one soon. The pattern was basically k2 p2 all the way down until it started to decrease. I started with the k2p2 ribbing but I thought it would be cuter to make it like that then start a stockinette stitch but when it was time to decrease I realized that it called for the decreases to be in the k2p2 form. So darn, I had to start back with the k2p2 but it all worked out. I've always seen socks knitted by other people that were so intricate on these size 1 or o needles and I said "Oh hell no...I'm not knitting those things" then hear comes this pattern and I changed my mind. I knit the socks with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes yarn. Here's a pic:

The pic is blurry because my digicamera sucks! Hopefully, when I make the other sock it'll be better.
On the other hand, another first that is totally off topic....I started liking Earl Grey tea which I use to hate. I bought it offline from Stash tea along with some honey sticks. It's my absolutely fav tea right now. Since I'm at home on the computer all day for work, I sit and drink tea and knit while I listen. On another note, the washcloth that I was knitting to sell at Bazaar Bazaar is a total no go. I've also decided not to sell any and just give a few as gifts(that might change soon) The aluminum needles were the culprit I think. I really don't like them because the they make the yarn slip and slide around way too much. So my washcloth looks like it's lopsided.Oh no...I can't sell these ugly things!