Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I've been doing

So folks,I haven't posted in over 2 months but I have been knitting. I've started to knit a baby blanket for a friend of mines that's in my book club. I've knit up this really cute bag with bamboo handles(just waiting for a friend to sew in the lining), I've cast on for another bag and I'm making a pillow with my name in it. I really want to felt the pillow but I found out the yarn that I'm using isn't wool so I'm kinda stuck with that one. I've recently decided to make a few things for this craft bazaar that's coming up in December. I gotta figure what I'll sell. I got a few skeins of yarn from knit picks and I think i'll make a scarf and fingerless gloves with it. Unfortunately, my stupid camera is not working so I can't take any pics right now but I'm working on that LOL.
I have two other people to knit blankets for so I'll be pretty busy. I'll probably end up knitting a few coin purses to take to the bazaar along with some jewelery that I'm making, like some bracelets or some earrings.
Even though I'm making all of these things I still feel so unproductive. I wonder why though....
Recently, I started back up doing a little cross-stitch since I saw one of the members of my SnB group doing and all her work is sooo beautiful. There are some WIP that I just have to complete and then I'll either give them away or keep in my house. I'm in desperate need of more yarn(even though my fiances says no more). I guess I'll just have to check out knitpicks.
oh yeah, on to that whole engaged thing. Yeah,I'm engaged ad hopefully I can take a pic of the ring because i love showing it off. Hopefully, I can get that stupid camera to work. We'll see. Until happy knitting!!!!