Sunday, September 21, 2008

My favorite knitting book(So far;-)

This is my new favorite knitting book. Here's the Amazon link. I'm knitting the Mama lamb and the baby lamb in the book. I really enjoy this book because the instructions are really simple and if you're a new knitter you can learn new things and they even have a pattern for socks! Can you believe it? Socks!!!! I'm so new to knitting that sock knitting scares me but eventually I think that I'll actually do them along with sweaters. So pics of the Mama lamb are coming soon.

Knitting B-day Pics

Okay everyone, I do have pics from the knitting birthday that took me almost a year to get to. I know that's horrible but I'll be okay I Some of these pics are crazy because I took random pics of all the stuff I was knitting and my cats. So, I've decided to show all the cool pics that rock and some of the other pics that don't so enjoy! A few of the pics are of the coffee/meet-up place that we meet every Tuesday night for Stitch n Bitch and the others are random pics of friends and the artwork on the wall. Bela Dubby is a really artsy coffee spot/bar that people come for the free Wi-fi and the great people. I thought it was in an awesome place to just enjoy my friends and my birthday.

These other pics are of my friend Lisa's son Anthony that was born on my birthday. I knit him the hat that he's wearing. Isn't he a cute little bugger?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I LOVE Washcloths

Okay, I really don't love them that much...I'm being totally sarcastic! I thought about knitting up a few cute washcloths/dishcloths to sell at the craft bazaar in a few weeks. I was thinking of maybe 2 wash clothes tied up with a cute ribbon and include a bar of homemade soap from Ms. V. I think it would be cute. I could also give them as gifts for Christmas. So,I searched and searched online for some cute patterns and found one that was pretty interesting that started out basically with just 4 stitches. I was initially really leery about it but I thought oh well I'll try so I did. I worked for a few hours and it was coming along really well. It was increasing slowly and basically it was a diamond shape. The only issue that I had with making washcloths is the cotton yarn. It's rough on my hands and it makes them hurt. Needless to say, I won't be doing that many washcloths because there aren't any really nice patterns available (since I'm not interested in anything intricate) and that yarn hurts my hands. I ended up binding off in the middle of the project when it was a It looks nice and I'll probably sell it or keep it. Then I made another one that was way too small and it was curling around the edges. I made a border but I forgot to do it around the other edges so that washcloth is mines and I used it today. It's pretty cool but it's not as soft as I expected. Now, I'm working on a bigger washcloth that will have a nice edging that won't curl. I'll post some pics when I get this dumb camera working.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New thoughts on my Bag-Bag

Well, I have a few new interesting things to tell about my bag-bag. Well, I've finished the first one and it's pretty small so I'm using it as a purse. Everyone thinks it's cute and cool. I really think it could be better so I'm making another one that will be bigger and better. I really thought that using size 13's would be better but they are. The 13's are way too small and the 15's are the best. Also the cast on is basically the whole needle if you're using straight needles. If you're using circulars I recommend like 40-50 stitches. Since I work from home now I can knit and listen to at the same time. So, I knit all day long. I found a website that actually has a pattern for the bags if anyone else want to make them and it seems way more complicated than mines but I guess you can do it the way you want to. Here's the link:

This website also has a ton of other crafting ideas. I found it while I was looking for a dish cloth pattern because I'm knitting up a bunch of dishcloth and washcloth patterns to give as Christmas gifts. I'm starting to really want to knit up a n actual baby sweater possibly. I'm really considering it but I'm nervous. I'll let you know later. Next time I should be posting more pics both old and new. Thanks for reading everyone ;-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally some pictures!!!

Well finally I added some pics..I've been knitting up alot of things but my camera is on the frits right now so I have to take pictures when I can. Lately, I've been knitting up what we call "Bag -bags". They are bags made out of plastic bags. You just cut the bags in inch stripes and put them together and knit. You can also crochet the bag together using double crochet. I'm using my fav purple size 15 needles but I think the next one I make I'll use size 13. I can say that I've made 2 purses and a little pillow, my little nephew a hat and one bag-bag. I think this is a great way to recycle!

Yesterday my friend and I went to the local Pat Catan's and bought some white canvas shoes and decided to decorate them just for fun. I guess I had fun even though I have no artistic abilities what so ever. She does though and she spent over 3 hours designing one shoe. I realize that although I'm not new to knitting I have alot to learn and my knitting habit isn't that bad even though I did go and buy like 3 or 4 skeins of yarn but I wasn't that expensive. There are some things that I've realized about myself and knitting:

  • I don't want to knit a sweater

  • I only knit for people that appreciate and cherish my gifts

  • I love to knit anything quick(hats or purses)

  • I probably will always feel that

Am I wrong for this? So, I'll be knitting like 3 baby blankets by next year because everyone I know is pregnant. Maybe I'll even try a baby sweater or something. I found this cute kids knitting book and I think I like them better because all of the patterns are easy and I can understand them. Thanks for listening to my rant! Now the pics........