Monday, November 3, 2008

I love WOOD...needles that is!

I'm knitting up a plain knit stitch scarf for my brother and it's on the bamboo/wood needles that I got as a gift from my buddy through The Friendship Swap on Paperback swap and they are AWESOME! Everything that I knit comes out beautiful for some odd reason. It's the truth that bamboo and wood are the best(in my opinion) then plastic and lastly aluminum. Shamelessly to say my first pair of needles were bamboo flexi needles in size 10 and actually thought that they were circulars but realize when I opened the package and left the store that they weren't. I still have them and I still love them the to these needles.
In the coming weeks I'm going to be making more Christmas gifts and working on stuff for Bazaar Bazaar. I really don't think I'll get like alot of things done or made but it'll be fun anyways. Since I haven't taken a pic of the needles yet the pics wil come soon. I'll say Tah tah for now.....Oh Btw, my B-day is 4 days away and counting...Whoo Hoo for me! Maybe I'll get knitting inspired gifts or money so that i can buy stuff from some of my fav places.