Monday, October 29, 2007

The Knitting Birthday

Okay, my birthday party is on Saturday and of course it's knitting themed. When I tell people that I'm having a kniting themed birthday, they all think I'm crazy. I must remind you that they aren't knitters and they just wouldn't understand. I'm searching for some fun things to do at the party if it'll be non-knitters there. I don't think there will be but it must be a party that everyone will remember and talk about for the longest. Linda wants to help with the cost by buying food. I think she's so awesome! I told her the punch that I'm concocting will make her forget that it's a knitting party and she'll probably be acting crazy. I'm soo excited. I do have pics to post later on tonight. I have to take my digital camera over to my mom's house and load the software then post them. Stitch n Bitch is tonight and I'm not too sure if I'm going. I really don't like the place that we're going plus I'm all tapped out on money until tomorrow.

I'm doing so much......

I finished up the baby hat that I made for Lisa yesterday. It only took me about a day and a half. I worked while on my bus ride, my break and on the bus yesterday. My only problem was that I thought that I had to bind off but really I didnt. The pattern didnt even say it. I was upset when I realized that the hat looked like a square and it really needed a pom-pom. When I do the other one for Quantia,I'll remember what to do. I cast-on something else last night. I'm making a potpourri satchel for Linda(my mom's friend) for her birthday. Her b-day is tomorrow and I told her I would make it for her weks ago so now I have to make it for her. She's a fellow Scorpio and she's da Bomb!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

No one loves me

I see that no one loves me.....I don't even have any comments. Oh well, I'm waiting on my digital pictures to be done so I can do some posting. Maybe oh maybe then I'll have some posts. On a bad note, I lost a brand new size 7 needle on the bus the other day and I was making some "spa" clothes for Christmas. oh well, I'll just have to buy new ones now. I do have a picture of the W.I.P. and I'll post a pic of the FO. I still haven't finished the felted pillow that I'm holding in the pic. Maybe, I'll finish it this week. I also have to finish the scarf and hat set for my co-worker that I promised will be done by the end of this month. It doesn't really seem that it'll be done. Also, someone stopped me at work and asked me to make him a hat. Wow! I'm getting requests. More to come soon of my boring knitting life.

"So much yarn, not enough time."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The BAPS Knitters & STich n Bitch

I went to Stitch N B*^@h on Monday. We always go to Panera Bread in North Olmsted. They Have the best tea, and decaf coffee. I always end up getting a bagel and a cup of tea, then I refill on decaf coffee all night long. I've been in SNB for about 5 months now and we always have fun. There's always a bunch of activities and stuff to do besides the normal weekly meetings. So far, I've not been able to go to any because I've had to work or no money(when I was unemployed). That sucked but I'm taking the good and the bad. I'm posting pics of some of the BAPS knitters and SNB. So enjoy!!!