Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not on task!

Well, so far I have zero...count em zero things knitted for Christmas gifts and I've decided that I'll probably not knit anything because I really haven't been in the mood to knit anything. I've been tired and it seems like everything I do knit looks really funny. Everything looks like its leaning to the left and it's misshappen. I guess I'm still a newbie even some of the washcloths that I knit are ugly. I think I might just stop for maybe a few weeks when I start up a fresh project. I saw this project in the Stitch in Bitch book that I'm going to start after the baby sweater for my cousin's baby. I have tried to knit a cozy for a coffee cup but I sewed it up wrong.


tweezle said...

Ahhhh - the knitting doldrums. Yup - been there before (just came out of them, actually). Don't knit tired - or you'll just end up frustrated and have to rip it all out again, anyhow.

I have the S&B book. What is the next project you are looking at doing? There's some really cute things it there!

The B.A.P.S. KnitSpot said...

I'm really looking to do the little black sweater or 'Zeeby's Bag"