Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello from the Blogosphere

Well any and everyone who comes to my blog....I'm BACK! I have been knitting off and on but It's been off and on for these last few months. My "big" projects have all but gone bust. They are all still on the needles with the exception of the one project that I started in the Stitch n Bitch book but otherwise I've been working on my squares for the blanket and the big cardigan/sweater. I guess all this stuff is harder than what it really looks like because I 'm not even 1/4 of the way through for the blanket and I'm only up to the yoke on the sweater. U have started on some baby booties for a girl baby that has yet to come in our family. My sister's are both having boys and My DF's sis is pregnant so maybe she'll have a girl. So I'm back on my knitting schedule and I'm going back to see my SnB girls on Tuesdays. While laying around I was thinking of making a few wash cloths out of that nice red cotton that I got. I saw a cute pattern and it seems real easy so I'm going to try and do that maybe after I finish more squares. Ta Ta for now.

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